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Here at Smarter Changes, we balance previously inconceivable savings with sustainable solutions. Why not save your planet and wallet at the same time?

Join us on our national mission to help those both large and small, save big and more!


Average Saving on Utility Bills

1-5 YEAR

Dynamic Forecasting


Of Our Clients Save Money – Guaranteed

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Business is always harder when you’re doing it alone.

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Our Values

“A strong team is the backbone of everything we do. We believe in these 6 great values”

It is important to maintain a constant in the ever-changing business world. Our values are that constant:


A universally agreeable, albeit seldom used, value. This value provides the best experience for everyone. 


Innovation – Our team recognises its power and with it, there are no limits.


Nothing is worse than being left in the dark with the service you paid for! We always keep you informed and up to date.


To be professional is to take responsibility in everything you do; and professionalism is our daily hymn.


Truly a staple in business. We harness the synergy of our team to reap the best results for you.


We strive to keep, not just with the times, but ahead of them.

Meet the team

The Smarter Family are a mix of experience and youth, who are fearless and passionate people all believing that nothing is impossible.

Ian Wherry

Managing Director

Chris Bullen

Operations Director

John Wherry

Finance Manager

Andrea Hichens

Office Manager

Janet Allen

PA to Directors

Ethan Coakley


Jolyon Havenhand


Dino - The Dog

Barketing Director

Dogs don’t have emails…