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Frequently Asked QuestionS

Are you a Broker?

Smarter Changes is a consultancy company. We have preferred partnerships with various brokers who fit our TCF model and we have tried and tested the quality of their services. With this relationship system we have the ability to make sure the product and service is exactly what you require.

How much do you charge for your Consultation?

Smarter Changes will not charge you any fees for the work we do on your behalf.

If there are any fees due from the brokers we will try to absorb these within the new service or will advise you of these should they be applicable. Charging fees are not normal within our processes and we do not charge for any account switches.

How long are your Quotes valid for?

Due to the changing nature of prices we can only guarantee a price for 5 days and we will have to confirm new prices for anytime after that. We are not a comparison site, we have selected partners who provide the services businesses need and in ways that follow our ethos of TCF and Sustainability.

How do I take part in your Free health Check?

There are 3 ways.

1. You can fill out the registration form and upload your documents directly to our secure server. The team will then analyse all of your business services and request the quotations and checks for you.

2. You can give us a call.

3. You can send an email or contact form requesting more information and we will call you back.