Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Leased Line Broadband

It is a Thursday morning; the to-do list is running off the page and, of all the days, your “superfast” internet takes a sharp turn. Late emails, fuzzy phone calls or lagging video conferences: the killers of business. The fact is that you are sharing bandwidth with neighbours, waiting in line for vital communications.

All easily avoidable with…

 Your very own dedicated line. Yep. Installed just for you. This line is only accessible by your company, therefore providing unaltered, unshakable speeds of 1GBPS!


Speeds 10-100x faster than other marker leaders GUARANTEED.


The UK’s FASTEST growing Business Broadband provider.


FREE Installation by our experts, making your life easier.

By doing it all, we help you focus on what’s important!

Fully Dedicated Fibre

1GBPS Speed Guaranteed

24/7 Support

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