Work Smarter Not Harder


We all use energy. In fact today we could not imagine surviving long without Electricity, Heat and Hot Water!

Why is this a problem?

For decades we have used Fossil Fuels to produce enough energy to meet our ever increasing demands. This reliance on nonrenewable energy sources has been increasingly harmful to the planet and started to impact our everyday lives.

How we use energy

Over the last 30 years, we have changed the way we work. We live in an OPEN 24 hrs world and this requires the excessive use of energy to get us through the night.

Why is this a problem?

If we are not Smart in our choice now we will continue damaging our Environment and using up the energy we can produce.

We have gone beyond “Change ONE Thing”

We need to change how we operate!

Where do we start?

We have had enough reports, studies, conferences, agendas, goals, targets, books, documentaries, presentations etc to fill a library many times over.

Why is this a problem?

It is becoming more and more difficult to know where to start so we are offering you that starting point.

Our Green Energy Health Check takes that starting point and gives you the options to

Save Money, Save Time, Save Energy.



Your Energy Analysis

Just by providing us with your Utility Bills we can learn enough information about your company to direct you to being Energy Efficient.

We can offer a full site survey, looking at all the options to cut your consumption , carbon and costs.

Our Stage 3 looks at your business as a whole. Looking at all the services you use and making sure they suit your needs.

Stage 4 is where we can provide the Report which gives you all the steps you have achieved and what you need to do to become a Carbon Zero company.